HUAJING GROUP headquarter is located in Chengdu, China. Its subsidiary companies include Sichuan Huajing Guomao Industrial Co., Ltd., Huajing Battery Co., Ltd., Allmax Battery Inc., and Huajing Battery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.


Since established in 1997, we have been specializing in the manufacture and development of primary battery: Extra Heavy Duty battery and alkaline battery. We supply large volume of batteries to countries all over the world, and it enables us to cultivate loyal consumers across the globe.

While most Chinese companies have been building up reputation for their manufacturing capability, we aim to achieve more. In a bid to become an international enterprise, we strive to build up our brand awareness by creating unique product values to meet customers’ needs.

Through the continuous contribution and efforts of our employees, we have eventually become the NO.1 Chinese Exporting Extra Heavy Duty Battery Brand. Apart from that, our alkaline battery is one of the top-quality batteries world-wide.


Manufacturing Base--- where good quality comes from

More advanced technology

More modernized production facility

More integrated quality management system

Our manufacture plant is located in the suburb of Chengdu. The plant owns 14 advanced high-speed production lines with an annual output of 600 million batteries. Among the production lines, the ones for alkaline battery adopt the most cutting-edge technology.

Meanwhile, we strictly comply with the ISO9001:2008, implementing effective production management and quality control. Also, we rigorously follow the standards of the ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems and the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Allmax Battery Inc., USA

Global Marketing Centre- - - The origin of where the inspiration generates

Allmax Battery Inc., the R&D and marketing center based in California, is the subsidiary company of HUAJING GROUP. All of our high class extra heavy duty batteries and alkaline batteries are developed and designed by Allmax Battery Inc. Besides, it handles the marketing and distribution of all these products all over the world as well.

So far, it provides two series of batteries: DURATA PLUS Extra Heavy Duty Batteries; and ALLMAX All-Powerful Alkaline Batteries.

Allmax Battery Inc. brings so much convenience to the U.S. market. Thanks to its location advantage, it supplies our clients with fresh products directly from the warehouse in California and delivers high standard local service across the USA.