Based on superior quality and reasonable price, our products have been exported to many countries and regions in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. Additionally, we have built up a positive brand image in local markets and our brand's popularity is still on the rise in the main target markets.

Exclusive distributorship strategy

By cooperating with most of our customers under Exclusive Distributorship Mode, which can guarantee maximum mutual benefit and maintain long-term relationship, our products have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world.

Precise positioning

We always carry out wide and deep research on local markets, precisely positioning the product and package in order to bring the right product that will meet the actual demands of the target markets. With accurate market analysis and expertized marketing planning, we assist our customers to exploit the market rapidly and achieve great success.

Strategic cooperation for mutual development

We are not only the manufacturer and supplier of DURATA battery, but also your loyal and long-term strategic partner. By joint effort, we will be empowered to grow and develop together for a brighter future. We are waiting for you to join the DURATA Power World!


We continuously provide a variety of elegant-designed promotional items such as posters, bags, stands and T-shirts, etc. As we are quite aware of the importance of promotional materials for local markets, we are engaged to constantly create new items according to customers’ demands and our market research.

TV Advertising: an effective advertisement could get customers’ attention and build up brand reputation in local market at the soonest.

Posters: A vivid image that can be pasted onto any possible walls and doors, etc. We can present you the appealing design with your local language on it.

Stands: it is majorly used to attract customers, who are waiting to check out, as well as encourage repeat purchasing. The stands can present a brand image by carrying batteries with or without cards.

In addition, we also support our customers with other means of advertising. We provide customers with the exquisite designs, which are allowed to be painted on truck, road post and shop signboard and so on, for intense promotions.