Reduce Self-Discharge, Double Shelf Life

Due to electrochemical reactions, batteries will continuously lose capacity during storage. Our unique POWER LOCK technology effectively reduces self-discharge rate, thus guarantees a longer shelf life of three years for DURATA batteries, doubling that of low-grade batteries.

(see picture A, illustrating the case of D size battery)

Much Longer Lasting, More Powerful Energy

With the introduction of POWER LOCK technology, DURATA EXTRA HEAVY DUTY batteries are up to 160% longer lasting.(see picture B, illustrating the case of D size battery)

Impact-Resistant and Leak-Proof

The POWER LOCK technology effectively resists against the impact and avoids deformation of the batteries during long-distance transportation. And during normal discharge, it ensures superior leak-proof performance of the batteries.


No leakage or deformation even at the temperature of 50℃.